Should I Use A Brake Or A Hold On Our Arm

I am programming and I would like to know if I should use A brake or a hold on our arm. We want it to hold a fair amount of weight but not to much. Thanks in advance.

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use hold. braking will stop the motor briefly and then let it coast again


you should make use of rubber bands as well so the entire weight of the arm isn’t supported by only the motor, which will probably overheat after holding a significant amount of weight for a while.


like the other people said, you should be using rubber bands to support the arm and then use hold which will hold the motor in the certain position and helps when the arm is supporting heavy loads


One more add on to the rubber band advice: I recommend banding such that the motor can be removed and the lift and can still hold itself in nearly any position Let the motor act almost exclusively as a toggle


You should use hold because you want your arm to stay where you put it, not drop down or anything. You also can use rubber bands attached to a simple four bar if you want to rubber band it from the bottom. (Edit: oops)

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You should use hold, but I believe its better to utilize PID


Which is, I guess, exactly what hold does.


Yes I understand that the motor has its own integrated PID that gets enabled when you use hold, but it would be better to code your own PID and tune the arm accordingly. The difference between a PID that’s tuned for most scenarios vs a PID that is tuned precisely for the arm is an astounding difference that is almost incomparable.

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Yes, of course. But i suspect that if someone is asking if they should use brake or hold, sending them off on a quest to code their own PID is perhaps not the next logical rung on the ladder.


I don’t agree, but I don’t necessarily disagree either. I get that it may be an additional step that would be needed to take, but if the OP is wishing to merely use brakeType:hold then that wouldn’t be enough programming to make it work. I believe it would be better for OP to learn at least P control, and start his/her way up to making PID control loops as it is pretty essential within the VEX programming ecosystem.


Thanks, ill add that to the bot