Should my battery be poking out of the back of my robot?

Ok I only suggest if it is your very last option. Other wise if you can just move the battery to a better place that is a lot better than doing that. If you want any help if you are going to do that I might have an idea on how you would go upon doing that

nah man you good, we won’t let people like that give you hate

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I would say get both. The screwdriver for reach and then the whrench for leverage

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I prefer using a screwdriver when I can but there are some situations where an allen key is better. I recommend getting one high quality version of both. They will last years and can be a surprisingly cheap investment for what you get out of them. BTW I use a Wiha precision screwdriver.


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You definitely do want to get a screwdriver. It provides a lot more torque and isn’t as painful to use as allen wrenches since you have a handle to hold. I’ll suggest the Wiha precision screwdrivers which they sell on robosource.

Anything that has electronics in it should not stick out further than the metal on a robot. This goes for everything, except for electronics that are designed to be smashed up against steel at high speeds,

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okay cool so I can have my phone sticking outside the robot😂

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Do phones appear on this list?


I personally would make sure to protect the battery port as you don’t want it to get rammed and snapped off mid-competition. I am really protective of all electronic ports because honestly, they are the places where the most things could go wrong the easiest.

if you can drive good enuf it doesnt matter



Driving is way more important than battery placement


If you want to build really fast, you should have a good set of tools on hand. I’ve gone through so many different screw drivers and this was the best set by far. These screw drivers are miles ahead of anything I’ve used in Vex and my organization has hundreds of different hand tools to use. I ended up buying these for my personal collection because they were so good.

I’ve been under the impression that you were using a screw driver this whole time, and I assume that for most people as well. But, now that I think of it, most people probably aren’t even aware of how quality tools can change your builds for the better. I was able to build my robots really fast because of the tools I had at my disposal.

TL;DR get a good screw driver. The ones I linked are pricey but they are well worth the investment, seriously. You could also buy them individually, and if that’s the case then you at the very least need to get the 3/32 bit. It’s the size bit that works for Vex screws but not collars.


I got an DeWalt electric gyroscopic driver for 50$ at a home depot, it’s actually really great. I also like the ball tipped drivers from robosource.

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also this probably isn’t a practical purchase for you, but star screws are way better than hex head.


Someone asked a similar question in another thread, and I think my answer there would also apply here.

As others have said, I too would urge you to move it where it can be protected.


Sticking out the bottom is probably top 3 worst places for your battery. Might as well be using it as a mechanical stop


@Athan, if you cannot get a longer cable, or move the brain, or follow other good advice to protect the battery…

Then you may just as well double down on it and let the battery drop to the ground and drag it behind the robot during the match.

This way you can, at least, enjoy the benefits of Weight Reduction™!


Let us not speak of that.


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