Should rollers be less points?

This year I’ve noticed that if a bot doesn’t have a shooter or a plow it’s just a roller battle. If one team has all the rollers it’s most of the time an instant win for them.
The game is based on the discs, it’s basically a disc golf game mode, so why are the discs worth so little? If anything, the high goal should be worth the same or even more than the rollers because it actually gives people a reason to build a shooter and not just a roller mechanism.
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I believe the rollers are fine where they are. 1 roller is equal to 2 discs in the high goal, and so it should balance out. The reason why roller control matters so much is the limited capacity of the goals. This means that teams who can fill the goal to capacity have to focus on rollers as with the goals filled similarly, rollers matter much more to get more points going into endgame. Where we are right now is in a pretty good balance of points, so I disagree with you saying that rollers are too good. Think about this: controlling all rollers (4) is equal to shooting 8 discs in the high goal. Is it really that unfair?


No honestly I think roller’s are fine where they’re at right now. For some teams it’s still early in the season for them and they haven’t even had a first competition yet and have less meets so a roller mech is quick and east to make while a disc launcher on the side would take much more time and effort for them. If I’m being honestly I like how much the rollers are right now since it gives a last 30-seconds rush to get all sides and turn a game around. But as someone else said in this thread, a roller is worth only 2 discs, which can easily be done during auton and driver. Then if the enemy team gets all of them, just 8 easy discs would cancel them out. Now I do believe that we’ll all see much much more high-goal scoring bots in the future but for now the rollers are the best bet for a good amount of teams worldwide.


I think one of the main reasons that I see it to be a bit unfair is because in all the meets I’ve been to this year, most people don’t have shooters yet. But what you said does make sense, focusing on discs then rollers at the end for the last bit of points.

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I doubt there will be any significant changes in the scoring at this point.

End Game adjustment of size of string is probably the last thing we will see.


Asked and answered, your honor :slight_smile:


I also believe that the rollers add a bit more depth for equally matched teams if both teams are capable of outputting the same amount of discs it adds an element of having to manage the rollers while also matching discs. So the rollers are scored in a way that they aren’t the main priority but they can’t be ignored.