Should the Clutches Self-Destruct?

Whenever my clutches pop instead of the mechanism in the clutch engaging the little hole that you put the axle in strips. Do you think there is something wrong with my clutches or is this normal?

what do you mean? is the hole being rounded? your axle must be in completly or the axle may twist and round out the clutch square hole. and BTW, whenever the clutch pops, it makes a sound that may be mistaken for gears stripping.

Do you mean that the clutch actually strips out and becomes permanently useless (formerly square hole is now round,) or that the square part actually spins inside of the clutch? If the second is true, then our clutches are working fine.

BMX, we posted probably within millaseconds of each other!

second time in a month that that has happened to me. :smiley:
post times are exactly the same

Yes, The square hole is becoming round.
Thanks for the quick responses!

is the axle all of the way in the clutch? this has happened to somebody else before. you can buy replacement clutches here, if you want them:
scroll down to about half of the page and there they are. they are sold in packs of 3.

Clutches are disposable items. We toss them when the square holes start to round out. I can’t remember having a clutch fail due to “failure to clutch.” That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, though. :slight_smile:

This happens to us. Especially when we have a ton of weight on the bot and then we switch directions very quickly.

Thanks for all of the replies! Ill make sure the axle is all the way in the clutch and probably by some more clutches.

I despise that sound. It haunts me on a daily basis.

You should take out the clutches. Dead motors make no sound at all :).