Should the VEX Flashlight be competition legal?

Please vote and lets get the flashlight to be competition legal!

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  1. You are mistaken if you think a simplistic poll like this one, where the only options are blanket rulings of the two extremes, is going to influence the GDC’s decision.
  2. The VEX Flashlight is legal as is, as long as you can convince inspectors and referees that it will not interfere with opponents’ Vision Sensors.

Here is a Q&A from last year clarifying #2 and (former) rule <R8>g. Granted, this Q&A should not automatically be taken to hold true this season, but the GDC also apparently saw no need to revise the text of the rule for this year’s <R12>e, suggesting such a Q&A ruling would likely be much the same if asked again this season.


Also, please do not add tags to your thread just for the sake of doing so. At least 4 of the 5 tags have little to no relevance to the actual topic.


You can make your own poll on Vex forum itself, just press the build poll button, on the topic on the text editor.


I think he’s linking to an outside poll because he’s also getting input from outside the forum. (I know because I saw a link to this same poll in a Discord server I’m part of.)


Yes. I saw the link in the DRow Alliance as well.

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