Should this be referred to as a the "Hat trick" of VRC?

When at a single tournament your team earns:
Excellence Award,
Tournament Champions,
Robot Skills Challenge Champion

Seems some special acknowledgement can be give the team at qualifying tournaments for states/regionals/nationals championship events.



I like the idea… When teams do that I always make a big deal out of it. It would be nice if we could formally recognize it.

What kind of special acknowledgement are you thinking of?

The only problem that I see with this is that it’s much easier to get a hat trick depending on the proficiency of the teams at the event.

I messed up today - it was a Hat Trick and we missed it. Part of it is I split Performance Award recognition (Robot Skills and TC) and Excellence to Judge Advisor.

Let’s just come up with a name or use the term “Hat Trick” when you announce Excellence winner - literally a “tip of the hat” “well done mate”… It should always be done in the context of that one tournament … no need to use it as a qualification for something greater.

In the past, it seems there was a lot of suspicion that events were rigged to favor host venues… Today I had a really great day as an EP were teams seemed to all leave relatively happy. So, it is with some remorse that I missed that one team’s accomplishment that day at my event.

I’d go for clean sweep. This has even come very close to happening at worlds in the past.

These awards at worlds are the “red trophies” and OYES won 3/4 red trophies in toss up. And AURA won 3/4 red trophies after losing in the finals in skyrise. (dam that’s close) Previously skills awards were awarded separately instead of combined so these days there are only 3 “red trophies” to win.


I like the fact that a single team doing it at Worlds is so hard to attain. This reinforces that should be an event acknowledgement to celebrate hard work by a team.