Should this have been a disqualification?

We just wanted to ask the community from a neutral standpoint, do you think that this is a DQ, or not?

No, 4411S was trying to fight back. If that blue bot is going to defend the shot it can expect retaliation, I don’t think 4411S intentionally tipped them and the rule is dq for intentional. Kinda the blues fault is what i’m trying to say. That’s just my opinion though, I might be biased.

Go Skyline :wink:


You could be right, but I don’t really see the point of a red robot trying to shoot red flags :joy:

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Yeah I kinda explained it wrong so I edited it. To me it seems like he was creating space to make a shot on the middles. Like a push off or something in football or whatever to make the shot easier, you feel me?

The decision is the ref’s it’s 50/50, this crap happens all the time. If you’re gonna play hard defense make a chassis that won’t tip I guess.

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Honestly I’m not even salty cause of the decision (anymore), it is what it is. But I just hate how referees can decide something and that’s final, and ON TOP of that, we aren’t even allowed to show them any sort of evidence (like videos). It’s like having a judge make a decision without ANY evidence (not like, it literally is that).

This is disappointing to see on a WORLD level, as something we’ve been working on for months can go down the drain because of one referee. I probably sound like I’m ranting (cause I am), and I am NOT the first one to make a post like this. But I don’t understand why one team has to face repercussions for an opponent’s action (maybe even unintentional, cause 4411s is a really smart team). When this was asked to the head ref, she said “It’s a competitive game”, which literally doesn’t answer anything. I’m just a bit more upset at the refs than the result.

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We’ve all been there. Just gotta move past it and hate VEX just a tad bit more.


When you look at, considering how close the opponent team is and the clear view of the tipping robot they had, they could have pulled back when the robot started tipping. Instead, they kept pushing. If it wasn’t fully intentional, don’t you think they would have stopped pushing when they started to see the robot tipping? It seems a bit sketchy the way that they didn’t pull back and seemed determined to track the bot and that they would have, likely, lost the match if the bot didn’t fall.


I’m not gonna say whether this is a DQ or not, but if you’re going to decide watch it ONCE, and once only. That’s what the referees get to work off of when making their calls.
No cheating!


I watched the video, and even used Wiredcat_Robotics suggestion of only viewing once, and to be honest that was a DQ. Watching it again to see if maybe I missed something, it still looked like a DQ. The referee training videos even mention watching out for a team that continues to push when a robot is about to tip, which I am sorry to say is what this looked like. Did the team intentionally tip the other robot? Probably not, as they were in the moment and trying to play aggressive defense. That said, when you play aggressive defense you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences sometimes. I feel for any team that loses by a DQ, as I think the score should be what determines the outcome, but I also can’t help but feel for the team who’s robot was on its back because they were pushed over.

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Why did that robot flip so easily? Really hard to see from that angle. Just looks like it was pushed and it rolled over?

To the best of my memory I think rule [G12] tipping is not allowed but defense is allowed. Personally I would have called that a DQ but since the refs there didn’t it may have been defensive.

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You know what, I retract what I said… The referees are doing their best job that they can and, as they are human, they do make mistakes. Most calls I have seen have been right calls, and we must understand that they are trying their best. They have drastically improved today with their referring as well, especially considering the 200(Wow!) matches they refereed.


Hi, late response here but I just saw this thread. Figured I would provide some clarity on the issue considering I’m the driver for 4411S.

I think the top view of the match is a very poor angle that has lead to some false assumptions.

  • I did not continue to push 50505A as they tipped. As soon as I saw their front wheels leave the ground, I immediately drove forward so as to avoid any sort of tip. 50505A has a fairly front heavy robot given the size of their intake, so once it’s in the air it’s pretty hard to come back down.

  • What I was actually trying to do in this video was push 50505A into the backfield while also giving me access to the blue cap that was next to us so that I could flip it. The vertical angle of the video does not show how they also pushed back against me, which caused them to drive up the back of my robot. You can tell they pushed back because of the fact that our robots stopped momentarily position-wise, meaning it wasn’t just me pushing back. They were also pushing forward.

I really am sorry that this occurred, I know exactly how it feels and I understand why your point of view would see it as a DQ. If you look up my quarterfinal match from the USF signature event, almost the exact same scenario occurred with no DQ.

tl;dr → I do believe this ruling is correct, as neither my team nor 50505A intended to cause a tip. Both robots were pushing against each other and one incidentally tipped.


I believe that this could of been a DQ. The whole discussion that should occur after the match is if the offense is “match affecting”. In the video, the offensive robot rammed the defensive robot. The defensive robot fought back and the offensive robot was able to get under the defensive robot. The offensive robot then was able to continue running forward to further get under the robot. This caused the defensive robot to flip over. I personally believe since Turning Point is such a back and forth game that this occurrence is DQable offense.

I know that @Mystellianne said the angle is not very accurate, but at least from the what I saw, it seems that 50505A is actually the offensive robot. They are lined up for the shot, and do take it while 4411S was not taking a shot and also could have take a different (and faster) path to reach the nearby cap. I won’t make any judgments because of the camera angle discrepancy, but that is just what I saw.

It’s a tough angle to see exactly what is going on but robots should be able to withstand being pushed without rolling over. It didn’t look like the other robot used any form of mechanism to intentionally flip it, it just rolled over when being pushed for a very short period. At fave value, I think this would be covered by G12 b in this case.

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