should vex create a basic, standard, and deluxe starter kit?

i thought of this just this morning, what if vex labs created a line of starter kits? like a basic model which would have everything you would absolutly need to make a robot. a standard kit which would have a few extra bells and whistles, like some extra sensors, maybe a few motion accessories. The delux starter kit would have a programing kit, a few more sensors, and a few more motion accessories. what do you think?

I think that that is a great idea but I don’t think it will happen because of the time and money that go into developing just one kit and the fact that there just aren’t enough people into vex to make three different kits profitable.

They already kinda have basic and advanced with the starter kit being the basic and then advanced metal/motion/hardware. I think those are the three and soon to be advanced gear pack :slight_smile:

what do you mean by “then advanced metal/motion/hardeare.” have they released advanced versions of the kits already realesed?

Those are add on parts you can buy sepratly.

He means the aluminum kit. If you want to get an advanced starter kit buy the extra parts seperate! The extra money a “deluxe” ki twould cost you would be the same as what it would cost you to buy the extra parts and a starter kit.

not neccesarely, if vex shaved a few dollars of the price of each item in the standard and deluxe kits, you could save upwards of $20 per kit, compared to the price of buying each peice seperatly, and vex could still make a profet.

I mean more than just the aluminum kit. There are also the advanced kits which contain more of the same elements in the starter kit and some that aren’t. I believe they were intended to be used by FVC teams.

you can save a few bucks ($100) by buying all of your basic parts through the starter kits (buying multiple starter kits just for the extra parts)

I didn’t know how much vex is going to improve on its product because this is the last year were going to use vex in the competition, they probably going to change what we build with just like logos they changed from RCX to NXT.:smiley: :cool: :cool:

i think they should keep the starter kit that they have and have a starter kit for FTC teams that includes:
2x starter kits
programming kit
power pack
Aluminum Metal Kit
light sensor x2
optical encoders
extension cable pack
gear kit
advanced gear kit
2x omni directional wheels

then have it at a slightlty discounted price

We are DEFINITELY going to continue to improve the Vex product line. As we’ve previously stated many times, the Vex product line is still chugging right along. If FIRST decides to utilize a different platform for their intermediate competition, that won’t affect our expansion and development.


Oh good I was hoping they would.:smiley: :cool: :cool: