Should VEX implement a VAR system

I’m OK whether it’s used or not anywhere. My comment was just to show another non-professional/non-big-money-sport situation where VAR is allowed to let everyone take a look at the obstacles others have faced.

Personally, I really hope the optional replay rule gets implemented more. Referees already have this option available, and sometimes it might be a better route than a straight disqualification. But that’s a separate, though related, thing.

My suggestion would be to make VAR an option for all events, but not mandatory. VAR makes refereeing much easier when an obvious mistake is clearly visible in the video.

However, there would need to be appropriate limits on how much total time any one team (or alliance) can spend debating videos with the referees. It might be good to limit the video review to the elimination rounds, or even just the finals.

Personally, I would even be okay with using the students’ videos, as long as there are limits on the amount of time spent on this, and the students understand that if they can’t find a good enough video within the time limit, they must accept the referee’s decision. (Also, there should be consequences for students who waste time on videos that clearly don’t show whether the referees made a mistake.)

Now yes, events with VAR would have an advantage over events without VAR, but there are already events with much better refereeing than other events (even among State Championships), so a difference is not unprecedented. Also, like @callen said, volleyball has implemented VAR even though very few schools can afford it (although that doesn’t mean it’s the best decision).

On the other hand, the difference in the ability to use VAR is partially based on money, while the difference in refereeing is usually not. VAR also enables better refereeing than humans could perform, so the difference is greater than normal differences in refereeing (not to mention, the events with the best referees may be the most likely to use VAR).

I suppose if VAR was allowed, a team who wanted VAR and had extra money available could contribute what they could towards buying the equipment for VAR, and could also contribute volunteers towards running the VAR equipment and filling the volunteer spots that VAR would take away from.

If Freedom Hall is equipped for VAR, maybe VEX could limit VAR to events in Freedom Hall (or even just the overall Finals).