Shoulder Screw too long

I recently bought some shoulder screws for the first time.

When I tried using them however, I found that the smooth part is WAY too long, and it needs like 6 steel washers to be snug. The threaded part is also not long enough to grip the nylon in the nylock. What am I doing wrong?

In my experience, you need to put a small spacer around the smooth part after putting it through the metal. You really can use any nut at this point because they all grip the spacer pretty similarly.

Spacers don’t seem to fit around the smooth part.

Do you have any of the large white ones?

Yes, but only in the 0.5 inch sizes.
These are the spacers that go around the shoulder screws. High strength spacers also work, but it takes some serious alignment.

What are you trying to do with shoulder screws? They are great when you put multiple pieces of metal and washers together, keeps everything really tight. If it is for only one connection point sometimes it is not worth the effort. You might wanna look at putting in a bushing block.