Shouldn't XD have won Vex Robot Skills?

I am the dude who ran up on stage to try to tell Karthik who should have won Vex U. I have a reason behind that, from the rules posted in the game manual:

The first criteria is the total score. That was tied. Then, we look at the individual subscribed, which were tied. Then, you grade on the highest programming score, using the following criteria:

Number of mogo’s in the 20
Number of mogo’s in the 10
Number of mogo’s in the 5.
Number of stacked cones.

I assume XD and XJTU1 had the same 104 programming skills (Preload on mogo, all 8 mogo’s, park).

The problem is that the next tiebreaker is to run the same thing with THE BEST DRIVER SKILLS. XJTU1 and XD both had 2 mogos in the 20, but XJTU1 had 5 mogo’s and more cones, while XD had 6 mogo’s. Even the software said that XD won.

I was told that they were changing the rules for Worlds, as I was escorted back to my seat. Ah well.

Also, to clarify, I DO NOT WANT THIS TO TURN INTO A WHY VEX SUCKS THREAD. I love Vex, but I want to know if my interpretation of the rules as written and left unupdated by the April 5 update should have taken effect.

Did I not see it right then? I saw one mogo in each individual 20 point zone, red and blue. Each of those count separately.