Shout out to VEX, judges, Volunteers and Anaheim

As team mentor for the FIVE, team 2177, we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped put on a great championship.

Further thanks to VEX, their employees, and all their families for the hard work it takes to make a tournament like this happen. There may have been some rough spots but overall this event was first class and you all deserve a big TY

Finally, thanks to Anaheim for some wonderful hospitality. Even if the mayor says “V” “E” “X” instead of “VEX”.

I encourage all forum members to join this thread in appreciation of the World Championships.

As a team we gained many new friends this past week and we look forward to many new ones next year.


Dave G.

Team 3536 thanks all of the people who makes VEX possible!

Team 569 would like to thank all staff involved, but ESPECIALLY tech support and the field techs for helping us get through our disconnection issues. They did so in a quick and professional manner, and we are extremely grateful for that.

Here in NZ, we spend an awfully large part of our lives doing robotics. I would say too much time, but that’s always debatable. Thanks go to everybody both locally, and in America for organising this amazing competition and experience that provides so much value.

The judges and refs were great this year. Two ex members of my teams organization were there. One was a judge and the other was a ref. Both for the math division.