Show me your storage wall! (or a wall that you envy)

I got invited to consult with a group that is building a STEM / STEAM room. They want to turn one wall into storage for robotics parts, Legos, building materials etc.

I’ve done a number of storage setups across the years ranging from bakers shelves (what I presently use in the Robot Garage, to IVAR shelving either open access or doors (current Robot Lab) to custom kitchen cabinets (double wide base cabinets with the stile attached to one of the doors and pull out drawers, a pull out spice rack / pantry and using cookie sheet dividers for larger sheet goods.

My last builds were in 2015-16, so I’m looking for what the state of the art is today. Post your current storage that you are super proud of or a wall that you’d love to call your own.


One thing I’ve seen that I thought was really cool was Murphy’s Bed-style wall mounts for VIQC fields. I will give the caveat that I saw these in the Beforetimes, when fields were 4’x8’. so there may be more limitations now, but it was a cool idea and the implementation allowed for easy setup, teardown, and multipurpose usage of the site.