Showcase: Pacific Open Championship VRC Change Up - HS 06/05/2021 - 06/06/2021

Dublin Robotics Club invites your teams to participate in VEX EDR showcase event to be held at Bay Area California on June 6th just after VEX Worlds has completed.

The exciting thing about this event is that the Excellence award qualifies for next year VEX Worlds 2022.

Not only that, there are multiple judged awards including Tournament Champions, Tournament finalist and tournament semifinalist. Some of the other awards are Think Award, Amaze Award, Create Award, Innovate Award, Design Award and Judges Award - a total of 18 awards.

In addition, We are offering 2 home pod mini to teams from Out of State and 2 from out of Country and 2 from in State. This is to encourage the teams that are traveling long distances to participate in our event.

Every participant will receive a custom made participation certificate.

Teams and families can make a vacation out of this trip as the event is held at the heart of Bay Area with an easy relaxing trips to SFO, Golden gate, Napa tours,Mystery spot, Santa Cruz, Monterey,and Yosemite etc.It is the right time to enjoy the beautiful California summer.

Looking forward to seeing your teams at *Pacific Open Championship in California



Where can you register?

I am gonna talk about this with my team, I would honestly really love to compete at this tournmaent.

Do you know if the Excellence qualifying for Worlds 2022 is true of all showcase events, or is it just this one?

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It is badly placed for my team. It is literally in the middle of our final exams smh.

All of the showcase events have excellence awards that qualify for 2022 worlds.

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Here is a link to all the showcase events.*&city=&affiliation_id=

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