Shower thought about omni wheels

Would an omni wheel where the omni rollers are parallel to the rim of the wheel instead of perpindicular be so free spinning you couldnt move or, would it still have enough friction to let you move while also having so little friction that its like you’re driving on ice?


Call me stupid… but is that not a mecanum wheel


I think they are talking about a wheel that has little rollers in line with the wheel, so that when you drive you won’t really go anywhere. Basically an omni-wheel with the rollers all rotated 90 degrees.

As for the actual question, I don’t think these exist, and even if they did, I see no practical application for them. I’m not seeing what advantage these would have over conventional traction or omni-wheels. I’m pretty sure it would drive like you were driving on ice. you might move some, but not much.

Or is he referring to something like this…?


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Are you think of something like this?

(Don’t mind my terrible drawing)
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What you are looking for is basically the inside of a roller bearing: McMaster-Carr

These even look sorta like Omni wheels: SKF