Shower thought: can two controllers be partners to eachother?

So, if both teams on an alliance had a partner controller defined, and connected to each other with a partner cable, would they be able to do anything? Could they print text to each other on controller screens? (Maybe useful to declare a strategy silently. If it were possible, passing variables between bots would seem likely.) Could they issue motor commands to the other bot? (Almost certainly a terrible idea.)

Once the partner controller is paired, it doesn’t have to be connected anymore.

So let’s say you want to pass along secret messages. You have a partner controller hooked up to your bot and you want to give your partner controller to your alliance partner so they can read what it says… Right? They could do the same thing?

Are you allowed to have a controller for a team that isn’t yours? I don’t know.

I think whispering would be a better way to go.

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TBH though, it would be more difficult to take time to receive, interpret and communicate back to the other team through the controller, as opposed to whispering. In fact, in my experience, the opposing alliance won’t pay attention to you talking loudly.