Side goals moving

Good evening. I am not happy with how much the top portion side wall goals seem to move, compared to the corner goals. I think this will cause some issues as the year progresses. Looking at the arena perimeter and the side goals, I think I could take a long zip tie and secure the ring closest to the same height of the arena wall , to the wall with the holes in the ring and top of wall. What do others think? Have you noticed this too?

it is a very noticeable issue, however I would not recommend setting up the field differently from VEXes instructions. my reasoning for this is that any teams used to using this field will be at a large disadvantage at tournaments due to the fact that the field will behave differently.

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Vex had a part originally that would connect the side goals to the top of the wall. The GDC explicitly removed this with the obvious intent that the side goals behave differently than the corner goals.

An official Q&A was asked about doing what you propose and it was officially rejected.

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it do be like that

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