Side-Roller intake

So we are going to use a side roller as our intake and we need help to make it both angled and stabile. Please just give mostly pictures as feedback. thanks in advance:P

I don’t have any pictures of our previous robot (it’s disassembled) but we mounted our side roller intake by mounting 2 vertical c channels to the back of our robot and screwing them into the back of our intake so that our intake could rotate around the back like a hinge. Then we mounted a horizontal c channel near the ground and rested the bottom of the c channel on it. We also zip tied the bottom of the intake to the c channel but you could probably figure out a way to use screws instead to make it more secure.

OK…Thanks. But, can you maybe try to make a more simple explanation?

Lol ya, here’s a drawing… If it makes any sense :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the drawing

That makes a lot more sense than your long, confusing paragraph. You could have referenced Toss Up intakes too.

Ya… I’m pretty bad at describing stuff with words :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah me to

The first thing that you need to realize is that we are dealing with an 18^3 size requirement in this game, unlike a game like Toss Up. This means that an angled out side roller is taking up space that may be needed for the rest of the robot. You have two options.
A. A more tucked in side roller.
B. A smaller chassis, with the intake extending out.
I can sketch up a simplistic side roller if that would be of any interest to you. Have you tried prototyping one yet?

Our Team C did this. They left roughly .5" of space for their side roller intake to extend past their robot, because of this they can grab balls off of the wall easier than if you had a 18"x18" chassis with side rollers. Their intake is not angled though, so more than half an inch might need to be left for the side roller intake.

Our robot is 14" long and has an intake extending out 4". This allows us to pick up wall pyramids with ease. I just wish we had a better launcher to use with the balls.

What type of launcher are you using?