Side to side lift control with EasyC

I am trying to figure out how to have a small amount of side to side control on the teams double reverse lift. The lift have 3 motors on each side and is controlled with with the right stick on the up and down axis. The problem is that it sways left or right occasionally when they lift a cube.
We are using EasyC for programming BTW.

I was thinking of still using the up and down motions to control the basic movement, but wanted to add a little control on the side to side axis if it becomes a problem. Can anyone give me advice on how I could add this.
Thanks for any and all help

Could you provide a photo? If I’m understanding your problem, you might be able to correct it by simply providing more cross supports on the lift. In other words, just screw some C-channels from one side to the other and/or create some structural X’s with some bar to stiffen things up. Another thing might be to physically disengage the motors and manually handle the lift to detect any excessive friction or catching of the mechanism.

Some kids have placed pots on each side of their robot and had the software command the motors to make adjustments based on how much one side will outrun the other, but I know my kids have had fairly good success with reverse double 4 bars by simply keeping the two sides well connected with C-channel.

I will post them tomorrow morning when the kids are working on it. Yeah the cross bracing is one area that we need to work on, but it is tight in there!

I had one of the builders send me a few of his planning photos. They do not have any extended photos, but I will attach these for now. I hope they attach anyway… Lets see

If you want to stick with easyC and keep the code as simple as possible an arcade control block to control the lift should work. Just make sure you don’t push sideways with too much power. Really though all this should be controlled by at least a P controller rather than by hand but real code gets hard and arduous to write in EasyC.