Sideways Cone Possession

We have started building a robot that will knock down the cone, pull the cone into our robot, then funnel it onto the knocked over mobile goal at the other end of the robot. Is this legal? For the cone to be on the mobile goal(both sideways) while being supported by the robot?

Well, the diagrams in the game manual showing Stacked examples, as well as the definition of Stacked itself, do not mention anything about the mobile goal’s orientation itself, so I’d say that as long as the cone is stacked properly relative to the mobile goal’s orientation, it’d be legal. I’d ask this question in the official Q&A though for an official, binding answer.

RIP. See tabor473’s answer below.

Take a look at this QA

I think this QA only refers to if it counts while it is scored. I am questioning whether if having a sideways mobile goal with stacked cones on the robot is legal (if the possession is legal).

A cone is considered stacked when it is placed upright on a mobile goal (see Karthik’s answer below).

Therefore, if you have 2 or more cones on a horizontal mobile goal or anywhere in your robot, you would be violating SG9:

So the bot is illegal even if the mobile goal is at a diagonal angle??

In my opinion, it is still an open issue.

The updated Game Manual should be coming out later today.

Hopefully they are specific enough on this and a couple of other issues that we don’t need a bunch of follow-up Q&As. Also, hopefully they’ll get someone on the Q&A sometime soon

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