Sideways Single Flywheel?

Hey Forum,

I was fantasizing today and I was wondering if anyone has tried a sideways single flywheel yet. I personally think that it would be pretty cool to see a sideways single flywheel shoot some insane hook shot into the net.

If you have a flywheel on your robot, just try tilting it sideways and see what it does. It may be interesting.
I think it would need to be at a 45 degree angle and sideways, otherwise it would just go into the front of the net. I’m not sure if it would work at all, although it could be fun.

Lining up the shot would be extremely difficult because of the curve ball but feeding mechanism and DCLs would be easy… Would be interesting to see…

I’m not saying that it’s practical, but it would be really cool to see. Is there anyone out their willing to tilt their single flywheel on its side(with an angle like a double flywheel would have) and post a video of it?

Sounds similar to this thread: new-flywheel-catapult-puncher-design
I will try this sideways idea today and post it.
Edit: Okay tomorrow…

Maybe a flywheel shooter that shoots with a frontspin. This would allow the robot to maintain a lower profile and maybe more room for lifts

But a lower flywheel is also more easily blocked as well.

A robot spending time blocking shots is a robot not helping the team in any way

I’d beg to differ.


They’re slowing their opponents down so technically that’s helping

But then it is 1v1. They kept the odds the same, they add no value to the team.


But then why not just shoot and only block lifts?

Picture this, you are in a match partnered up with a really bad robot in qualifiers. They can’t help anyways because of how bad they are, but your opponent has a low flywheel (the one we are discussing). In this case, you can send your really bad opponent to block them, and now you have a fair 1v1 vs an unfair 2v2.

What he said =)

Right here’s a test of “Sideways Firing”:

Its pretty much impossible to get it accurate with my robot… and thats the steepest angle I could do.
Here’s the angle I tried:

Its not exactly what one would call useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t really looking for anyone to prototype for me. I just wanted to see how much you can get the ball to curve in mid-air and I use a catapult type thing so it wasn’t really worth it for me to build a whole new launcher just for something stupid like this.

I am a little disappointed in the lack of curve though…

I was technically prototyping for myself, but it is interesting to see the lack of curve. Even with the significant curve that I have on the flywheel back plate, it still went straight.

Have you tried shooting at a far distance? From my experience with bowling the ball curves SIGNIFICANTLY after traveling about half way down the lane when bowled a certain way.