Sideways Single Flywheel?

But if you think about it bowling balls have signifigantly more mass, meaning the nbn ball should curve way sooner than with a bowling ball

This is somewhat odd because I remember at the beginning of the year my sister team added back spin or top spin and there was a massive difference in the trajectory… Is side to side spin less of a factor then up down spin or was there something else that did something?

I was trying full court. I don’t have room for trying longer distances. (Without breaking stuff) :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe a completely sideways flywheel with a perfectly straight stationary plate on one side would cause more curve.

When I tried a dual flywheel and one side was spinning slower than the other, the balls did tend to curve a bit. Although they didn’t quite curve as much as they simply went off at an angle. Not sure why this is different from a solid plate though, might be the added energy from the dual flywheel?

I don’t really see how a stationary plate is any different than a really slow side on a dual flywheel. It should curve even more than that…

Possibly because the test I did was not using a straight plate. I think if the plate was straight with some compression it would cause curve.