SIGBots Wiki Fall Update 2022

Hello Vex Community,

With the Spin Up season ramping up, we wanted to give an update about the SIGBots wiki team. We have put in some work over the summer but have a lot planned for this coming season. First off, we wanted to take some time to hear from you all in the community. Below is a google form for any article ideas you have or requests for improvements of the wiki.

As we start work our work this season, we wanted to take a second to introduce everyone on the development team too.
SIGBOTS Wiki Member Bios:
Max Johnson
Hey! I’m Max Johnson, I am a sophomore in multidisciplinary engineering and am originally from Pennsylvania. This is my second year on the team, but I am excited to announce that I am the new SIGBots Wiki lead! This year, I want to focus on fixing up some of our older articles but also expanding into new areas (competition hosting, video tutorials, and more). I can’t wait for our work to ramp up and to hear from all of you about what you want to see!

Jacob Zawacki
Hello! My name is Jacob Zawacki, I’m a sophomore Marketing major from Newnan, Georgia. This is my second year on the team, and one goal I have for the wiki is to expand the sections we have on unique subsystems and team infrastructure.

Seb Wheeler
Hey everyone, I’m Seb, and I’m currently sophomore cybersecurity major here at Purdue. This is my second year on the team, and I’m taking on a more software-focused role on our team (both with the Wiki and in general). Right now, my main focus as far as the Wiki goes is writing a drive code article and generally working to help expand our software-related content. Outside of robotics, I enjoy baking, reading, and photography.

Ben Davis
Hi, I’m Ben (as some of you may already know). I’m a sophmore in computer engineering at Purdue, and this is my second year on BLRS. I plan on helping in the process of overhauling the software articles all the way from beginner to advanced levels, as well as providing well documented example code in both VEXCode (Blocks and Text) and PROS for various topics such as drive controls, using sensors, PID, and much more. Additionally, I will be taking a look at creating articles focused on custom sensors and electronics at the VEXU level.

AR Miller
Hello! My name is AR, and I’m currently a junior in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at Purdue. This is my third year on SIGBots, but my first year working on the Wiki! In the past, my contributions to SIGBots have involved working with the mechanics subteam, as well as working with and being a part of team administration. I haven’t really set too many goals for what my contributions to the Wiki will look like yet, but this year I hope that I can work with the amazing Wiki team to gather and contribute what knowledge I can to the community. Outside of robotics, I enjoy reading, playing with my cat, and watching the Red Sox.

Jaden Hernandez
Hi, my name is Jaden Hernandez, and I’m a freshman who’s very much looking forward to being a part of the Purdue SIGBots’ wiki development team. I’m from Dublin, California, where I competed as a part of VRC organization 5327 (also known as Gael Force Robotics) for 3 years, but now I am a student at Purdue University hoping to study Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. As a contributor to the wiki, my hope is to explore and eventually elaborate on the properties of sensors, structural parts, and motion components, no matter how niche they may be, so that competitors can better understand VEX V5 products in order to troubleshoot and weigh the benefits and tradeoffs of using any given product within the V5 ecosystem.

Stuart Blank
Hi, I’m Stuart (Blank). I come from Indianapolis, Indiana from team 21417 - Robokauz Robotics and am a Freshman studying Actuarial Science at Purdue. I am extremely excited to work on the BLRS Wiki this year, since it will allow me to help teams so that they can be successful and engaged in STEM.

Lily Zook
Hey! My name is Lily Zook and I’m a freshman in First Year Engineering. I am from Denver, CO and my main goal for the wiki this year is to make it more accessible to students who are completely new to robotics. Mainly this includes adding better visual aids and sharing the team’s knowledge for teams without experience.

Summer Updates:
First, a side note, late last season, we purchased the URL
Which is another way to access the wiki. It has been posted to the forum but was never officially announced

Worlds Livestream Archive
Ramsete Control
V5 Motor Current Limiting Analysis
Interview and Notebook Updates
Sensor Overhauls
We also had a lot of general fixes for errors and small updates across lots of articles


BLRS Wiki is the best! Can’t wait to work on some more great articles this season! However, in my humble opinion, nothing will ever top Our articles on team dynamics