Signature Events

I was looking at signature events and one of them was the Kalahari Classic. When I looked at awards it said it does not qualify for any events. But according to the qualifying criteria it should qualify for worlds.

Events are first listed. Then later on qualification awards are added to the event based on a number of factors.

So be patient.

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You are welcome…

Is there a list of signature events? Are they tagged in as such?

They’re present in the Qualification Criteria, but I don’t think they’re listed as any different. I think there were only 4 approved for the 2018-2019 season, including Kalahari, Asia Pan-Pacific, Hawaii, and one other. I’ll see if I can find the document

From my understanding, the four from the Qualification Criteria were from the 2017-2018 season.

Correct. The full list of Signature Events for this year probably won’t become official until sometime after the deadline to submit a Signature Event, although I suppose some could become official before then.

Either way, I think it would be a good idea for Robot Events to implement a system to let teams search for Signature Events, although it may be best to wait until all Signature Events have been confirmed.

I agree, a way to search for Signature Events would be great!
Kalahari already has 99 teams signed up for high school. The cap is at 100. Not sure if they will expand beyond that or not.

Ohio - 75 teams
Indiana - 12 teams
Michigan - 5 teams
Tennessee - 5 teams
Georgia - 2 teams

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I know there’s one in VA that’s going to be a Signature Event as I talked with my friends/EPs behind,

The deadline for signature events passed already ,it was on 9/1 if I remember correctly.

It’s posted on Robotevents. However, only teams that win an excellence, design, or robot skills award or are tournament champion in a tournament can register.