Silent install of Modkit for SCCM

I wrote an e-mail to support earlier but I thought I would come here and see if anyone else was having this issue:

I am a systems administrator for a public school system and we are attempting to put the Modkit for VEX software in software center (using System Center Configuration Manager) for some of our classes. I have been attempting to silence the installation of the ‘Modkit for VEX’ and ‘Modkit Link’, but have so far been unsuccessful. All switches (ex. /q /qn) do not silence the second part of the install that seems to install Modkit Link. I have also attempted to repackage the .exe into an MSI and, while it does successfully install, for some reason when the user logs out and back in it attempts to install the software again even though it is already installed, resulting in an error.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Hi emdanyi,

We’re sorry that you have encountered this issue. To help create a silent install of Modkit, please use the /? command line switch to extract the EXE installer into MSI installers. With these MSI installers, you can then use the /quiet or /qn flags to install the software silently.

If you are having any additional questions, Modkit support can be reached at or by emailing Modkit.


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