Silver screws inside 393 motor

I was changing out a stripped gear from one of my 393 motors and noticed that both silver screws that were holding down the actual motor were loose. I grabbed one of my Phillips head screwdrivers and tried to tighten them again.

The problem is that the screws themselves are short so they don’t reach the threads inside the motor.

Any suggestions?

i would try to take off the other side of the casing and push the motor towards the screws so the gap between the motor and plastic is smaller.

I hope this helps,

That’s what I’ve been doing lol. I don’t want to push too hard because I’m afraid I’ll break the motor.

i would make sure its seated correctly and if you have a second motor i would take it apart to see if one is notably different (also pictures help)

I opened another one and it has both screws in but they’re not very tight.
photo 2.jpg