Silver Screws?

Does anybody know why vexlabs switched from the harder black screws to the softer silver screws?

I believe the silver ones are actually “harder”.

I think they got tried of painting them black so they stopped (saving money), then they saw that they were now sliver so they called them better than the black ones and charged more for them (JK). :wink:

Maybe they are, but what I believe Drego is saying is that our team has had alot of problemms with the silver screws stripping

I have only stripped 2 of the black screws, and I have stripped countless silver screws, including about 5 this year.

Must of been strong paint! :slight_smile:

I think it was more than the paint…

Well, first, it’s not paint. I believe that the black ones have been “anodized”. I don’t know what sort of metal is in the black ones. The silver ones are stainless steel.

Second, you can still buy the black ones. Order four packs of these “SCREW-832-38-28PK”, instead of one pack of these “SCREW-0375-PACK-100”.

Third, I also think the black screws work better.


I searched the product code, but no results came up, can you provide a link?

Click on the Products link at the top of this page.

Thenk click on the wide black bar/button that says “Click for the complete list of All Products, Parts, and Accessories”.

The search the displayed page (enter “alt-e”, then “f” if you are using Internet Exploder) for the text strings I listed in the other post.


i havent found much of a difference, the only vex piece ive ever stripped would be the hex keys

I was joking. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I found it. I’ll see if we decide to buy these screws instead of the silver ones.

This reminds me, when using the silver screws the hex key stripes out the screw, when using the black screws the screw will sometimes strip out the hex key.

I have found that the normal size vex screws tend not to strip while I strip motor screws out all the time. No matter if their black or sliver.

I’ll preform a grind test to see what type of metal the black screws are made of on Wednesday if I have extra time, which I probally won’t, if one of the vexlabs engineers doesn’t beat me to it.

Hmm the silver ones have always seemed better to me, however that may be because we have so few and they haven’t been used all that much. Compared to the black ones which have been used countless times.

i’ll agree with that, although i havent stripped a silver screw yet

I use the stainless ones when I build robots. I believe the stainless steel screws to be significantly more resistant to “stripping out” the hex.

JVN’s Rule!!! Stainless Steel Screws are better!! lol, we should have something in this forum where you click a button and it just posts JVN’s ruling!

lol hahahaha

John V-Neun, do you know what the black screws are made of and what the black covering comes from?