Similarities: Round Up=Gateway

If you think about it, round up and gateway have pretty much the same scoring method. Just with different game peices. You could still use the same manipulaters, just adjust them to fit the 6" diameter of the sphere and the barrel and the 5" height of the barrell. If you have any other similarities please comment! :smiley:

in honesty, after doing alot of research, I find that using the clean sweep robots adjusted to fit the size of the objects would work better, as most of the round up scorers were claws, and that mechanism would not be affective in this competition as the colors alternate. The best mechanism would be one with a long conveyer belt and tank treads, which I doubt was effective at Round Up.

I would argue that Gateway is a mix between Elevation, Clean Sweep, and Round Up. In fact, it’s least like Round Up because there is no de-scoring, but it has the divided field of Clean Sweep and similar goals to Elevation.

I wouldn’t use the same manipulators as Round Up (except maybe a poof-style design). I would lean more toward Elevation and Clean Sweep when designing for Gateway. Just my two cents :D.

Yes that is true, to a point. If you noticed many of the SUCCESFUL robots in the VRC game cleansweep had a slanted scoring mechanism because all they needed to do was score over a wall and into a seperate goal not that much higher. Although I never participated in the VRC game clean sweep, I don’t think that is a very succesful solution. I think intake rollers, or the tank tread scoring design for the VRC game elevation would be more succesful than the clean sweep method.

I was thinking the same thing, but i was talking about scoring methods.

Right, I see that now. I edited my post to reflect that.

I understand your point, and the height is a problem, but as long as a robot could reach the low and medium goals, it could still win. Think of what it has to do first, which is score low, then, if you can easily make it score medium, do so, but do not add high scoring until you know that you can do good with it and will not fall over…
check out these elevation designs that I think could be modified easily:


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I really think the best game to look at is Elevation. It’s similar to that game in some ways.


While that robot was not for Elevation, and instead for Clean Sweep, that was actually the main concept of the design I am CADing now. :stuck_out_tongue:


As is the robot I am CADing now… :slight_smile:

The difference between Elevation and Gateway is that all of us are much more nitpicky on the rules to get any advantage we can, and are so much more competitive. For example, nobody dumped out in Elevation, even though it was legal, and would have been extremely effective.

Why does my CAD look just like everybody else’s…

Exactly. But it ends up being played quite similarly because they have incorporated all the rules we didn’t exploit before in Elevation. Also the doublers and negators should stir things up a bit.

Because it’s probably the best design :smiley:

I think that Gateway != Roundup; Rather I think that Gateway = ((CleanSweep + Elevation) / 2); Or ((CleanSweep + Elevation + X) / 3);

or maybe its the most KISS design that can earn everybody early qualifications ^^

Exactly haha

I honestly think the best way to approach it early, would be to use intake rollers that would suck up the barrells and/or balls. Any other simple designs, if so please share!