Simple rankings display for VRC tournaments

Hi everyone,
We used a custom-made rankings display for the Google Signature Event this weekend that shows all of the teams on a single page, with no need for scrolling. It works by pulling data from VEX DB’s API, so it also does not need to be connected to the tournament server. Here is an example:

If you are interested in using this, it’s quite easy, just replace RE-VRC-19-9236 with the RobotEvents event code for your event. Warning, may not be work ideally (display-wise) for tournaments with more than 60 teams.


Thanks for posting this, it is Cool to see new user interface formats.

The user interface requires too many button clicks to see results and rankings.


Question: Do you have to keep hitting refresh on the page? or how often does the page update the rankings?

I checked the javascript on that page, and its automatically refreshing every 10 seconds.
@kmindspark you might want to consider making the refresh interval able to be set via a query parameter. I like the display though, nice work!


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add a parameter to set the refresh interval. Also, just to confirm, it is currently set to refresh every 10 seconds.

Matches take 6 mins to run from 3-2-1 go until the dust settles and teams get the next team ready to play. So a 6 min refresh time will be great, 10 seconds is pretty much overkill. Even if you say I want to half the 6 min refresh, 4 mins will be fine. You are stressing someones hotspot and a ton of network traffic for no real advantage.

Try this. Have a friend hold a cube over a tower. Start the counter at the beginning of the match… Every 10 seconds say not scored yet" to them in a loud voice. Repeat over and over. When 4 seconds remain have them put the cube in the tower and say"scored" At one second pull the cube out to make it not scored. “Yell not scored”.

Match ends decide if all the effort was worth the update. Since you are working on your Artificial Gene Hart voice to commentate the game, well worth it. To spit a number to 11 people, no body cares.

Data has zero value if people are not listening to it and more importantly no worth listening to. Sample times of 68 second are a good spot to go after.

Good luck with your project!

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so you mean that 1000 frame per second 4K camera pointed at the Mona Lisa was overkill?


Depends, did you capture the smile? :grinning:


I hope it did make you smile - but the camera was facing in the wrong direction.

It did! I was flashing back to an pick system at work that polled when to tag the next pallet of material. It takes about 15 mins to stack a pallet, the IT person polled every 10 seconds killing the system that was polling. We set it for 68 seconds, and everyone was happy.

The guy that does our family portrait at JC Penny just wiggles a bear, that also makes us all smile. :grinning:

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Is your server OK with getting hit with this? Many State championships are coming up, so you may be getting hit with this. Plus US open and Worlds…

Is there sufficient cooling on this box?:slight_smile:

I’m currently hosting the site on Bluehost, not sure if there are any restrictions there. But I don’t anticipate the larger events like Worlds/US Open using this for obvious reasons (ie: it’s unofficial and they have the TM network throughout the event venue).

(Also, I’ve changed the refresh rate to 1x per minute).


I’m guessing the official record will be on TM, but for something quick and easy, I like it since I don’t have to wait for the scroll. In addition, we have been at events where they don’t have the stats posted on a regular screen, either for lack of hardware, or something is down. Its a handy quick display of the whole event.

Big thanks for putting this together.


Yeah, I’ve helped with events at some venues where there are a bunch of displays around, but we can’t get TM on them for whatever reason (no display inputs available, display connected to computer that we don’t have admin credentials for, our network doesn’t quite reach to where the display is, etc.). This is a nice thing to have in the toolbox for those situations.


Another feature you could add is a event not found notification / page for when the event SKU does not match any event.

Sure, glad to hear this could be useful to you :slight_smile:

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Sure, I’ll keep this in mind. It’s sort of bare-bones right now, but I’ll certainly add it when I get a chance.