Simplified Brain Screen: Prefetch error ! 00000000

My team is attempting to implement some new features that don’t rely too much on LVGL so we decided to try out the new Simplified Brain Screen API. The API currently has only two touch related functions and the one that is causing problems is touch_callback. Running the code that is on the prototype section of the description of the function results in Prefetch error ! 00000000

pros::touch_event_cb_fn_t changePixel(){
   pros::screen_touch_status_s_t status = pros::screen::touch_status();
   return NULL;

void opcontrol() {
   pros::Controller master(pros::E_CONTROLLER_MASTER);
   pros::Motor left_mtr(1);
   pros::Motor right_mtr(2);

   pros::screen::touch_callback(changePixel(), TOUCH_PRESSED);
   while(1) delay(20);

I read in other threads with a similar issue that usually this has to do with a suspended task that it’s not being accepted in runtime? I’m not entirely sure what type of tests to run to verify that this is in fact the issue since this is a built in function of the PROS API… Any insight on this would be helpful!