Simplified claw-dumper-catapult design, and a almost finished drive base

Simplified design:

Almost finished base:

Now discuss!

I like the idea for the claw/catapult. Is it stable enough with the one c-channel as an arm? Also, I like the drive, but I would be careful with the motors mounted on the outside. Prime place to be broken. Other than that it looks very nice.

How do you drive your lift or is it not done yet?

It’s not done yet

The single c-channel design had way to much wobble, look again, and you will notice I have two layers of c-channel back to back. Also, why would the motors break?

As the motors are on the outside, any stars or cubes thrown over have a much greater chance of hitting them or if your partner runs into you, as motors cannot take all that much of a beating.

Ahhh, I see. What do you suggest I do then?

Put them on the inside if possible. If not, at least put a c-channel on the other side of them.

Option 1 is not possible due to how this is designed so I guess it’s option two then

So my first thought is that this is WAY cool! I’ve noticed your growth on the forum and I can say that you far exceeded any ideas I had about your robot. You easily would destroy 3/4 of the competition in Minnesota (granted we’re not the most competitive state, but still, the points there.) My second thought was I wonder if you need anything to make it sturdier, or is it sturdy enough already?

A few things:

  1. Mention team names of those making the original for those passing by.
  2. Vertical camera. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Tip for filming transmissions: Tilt the base up so we can see the underside and hold it still. Looks cleaner than POV.
    Now, for the bot!
  4. Nice on on the spacers. Rolling friction is better than sliding friction.
  5. Stability, as others have said.
  6. The mechanics actually look decent. Just cut down on friction closer to the final build.
  7. Have a bit cleaner cable management. I know it’s a prototype, but a few of those wires could get caught in moving parts.
  8. If easily possible, or if you’re rebuilding later, consider moving the motors inside of the frame. Tighter COG = faster turning. Also, protection.
  9. In the final build, I recommend speed motors or something. The low ratio is good, but the high is a bit slow. Just a thought.

Good job.