Simpsons or Family Guy?

Which do you prefer, Simpsons or Family Guy?

i like both but i like family guy but since im not alowed to watch family guy i would have to go with the simpsons i liked the simpsons movie “spider pig spider pig does whatever a spider pig does can he swing from a web no he cant because hes a pig look out here comes spider pig”

ps. hes harry popper now:D

go simpsons movie! that pig filled up the entire silo!? well i helped :smiley:

lol “free donuts”

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…doughnuts notice how we canadiens spell it, eh?

The Simpsons have gone dull through the years. It’s still funny, don’t get me wrong, but not as funny as it used to be…

Family Guy is still fresh in the other hand.

I spell doughnuts that way also. Go Simpsons. An american classic, there is not denying the greatness of this program:cool:

I will go with The Simpson’s. The Family Guy is a little too “Off Color”, for what I like my children to watch… (I am 41, and have 4 Children at home)

Family Guy is just crude. It is what is wrong with America.
The Simpsons is really funny though. It is a little bit more clean.

I’d have to go with the Simpsons. I’d have to add McDonalds on to the list of things wrong with America.

Haha, McDonalds, I would have to agree. GO SIMPSONS!