Singapore Vex Robotics Championship 2014

The Singapore Vex Robotics Championship (Skyrise edition) was conducted on 23 and 24 June.

This year, there was 56 teams competing together, playing 9 qualification matches each.
And despite the tight timeline, there was a great variety in the design of the robots.
There were scissors lift, 8-bars, elevator lift, triple reverse 4-bar, etc. And also, different intake methods for both skyrise and cubes as well.

The competition started off tentatively, with low autonomous scores and limited game play.
But it started to heat up along the way. And by the time it reached elimination, the standard of competition was really good. Almost all teams in the elimination had decent autonomous and there was good teamwork within the alliance.

We will be uploading the video of one (or more) of the matches soon.

For those who are interested, here is some of the stats:

Ranking after qualification:

  1. 8066A (9-0-0)
  2. 8066B (9-0-0)
  3. 8059C (9-0-0)
  4. 8066C
  5. 8065B
  6. 8068D
  7. 8076B
  8. 8068A

The 1st seed alliance (comprising of 8066A, 8059C, 8065D) went on to the final to match up against 3rd seed alliance (8066C, 8068A, 8059A).

Extremely thrilling final with the 1st seed alliance winning the tournament after a hard fight against the 3rd seed.

Highest scoring match - 67 - 65 (Final 1)

Highest Robot Skill score - 48 points

Programming skill - Forgetable. Looks like no team has time to prepare for it.

Wow! Are those the world champions of the middle school category sometime back? When are you going to post the videos? :slight_smile:

As promised, here is the video (posted with permission from all the teams involved).

Please bear in mind that the month of May is the examination month for Singapore schools, which means, the teams only had about 1 month to work on the robots.

8059C will be doing a reveal separately very soon. It will be worth the wait :slight_smile:

Yes, 8066, 8065 and 8068 are all middle school teams.
8059 is in high school.

That’s amazing! The robot designs, especially the scissor lift designs, are so much more stable than anything I saw this weekend at the Rex competition.

I’m curious: how many kids does each of your teams have?

Excellent job! And thanks for posting the video. Please post more if you can. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment - I will pass it to the teams involved. It will be great encouragement to them.

From my knowledge, the team in Singapore is never more than 5 person. And this year, the organizer was very strict in making sure there was no “sharing” of members between teams.

wow, this really shows the importance of owning the posts! Red alliance won because of the two posts they capped in the final seconds

That’s some intense stuff. I really liked how the blue alliance built the skyrise in about 25 seconds (1:05-1:30) and how the red alliance quickly filled the skyrise through a cycling pattern(1:45-2:10).

It’s obvious that teams had a lot of driver practice and thought about strategies beforehand.

A little off topic but do you know what the qualification requirements are for the Asia Pacific VEX Championship?

You will need to check with Asia Robotics League (ARL) - they are the organisers for APAC.

But trust me, it won’t be any easier trying to gain qualification for World through APAC. Just ask those who had been in APAC before :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I am very sorry to say that I have to remove this video from public viewing.

Some of the students involved have a changed in heart and are concern that this reveal will put them in a disadvantage position, because they will be using the same robot against the China teams during Asia Pacific Vex.

So for those who managed to see the video before this removal, you are the privilege ones :slight_smile:

But the reveal for 8059C will continue :slight_smile:
In fact, we will appreciate much if there are constructive feedback to make our robot better.

From the 8059C reveal this looked like a very interesting competition :smiley: some of the robots looked amazing from what little can be seen of them.

I’m really disappointed that I wasn’t one of the lucky few, that will teach me for not watching new videos right away.:frowning:
Is this the only event to qualify in Singapore for the 2015 world championship in Anaheim? (As if it is, the season seems extremely small).

You are right - you can get snippets of the competition from the 8059C reveal video :slight_smile:

For a June competition, I would not hesitate to say that the level of competition is extremely high.
Final 1 score was 67-65 and Final 2 was over 60 points too.

Yup. This is the only competition we have to qualify for World. Imagine the stress we faced every year.
For teams who couldn’t make it, they will need to fly overseas for Asia Pacific Vex.

Hi just wondering. Do you have videos or information about the other teams like 8068 and 8076?

Just a quick question, for those who saw the video. Was the skyrise built in 25 seconds by 2 robots or just one?

From the horse’s mouth - Just one robot.

PS. you can’t win Singapore Vex if it takes 2 robots and 25 seconds to build skyrise.

Dang, I’m still wishing that video was available again. It was pretty incredible to see when it was still up on Vimeo.

Just to add on - If I remember correctly, it was not the full skyrise in 25 seconds. I think it is 6 sections at most. But that was in June…