Single Acting Piston Turned On when Code is Off

Hello. Our team’s piston turns on when we stopped the code, which makes the piston change states when we run the code again. The issue appears in one another team in our school and not in two another teams. We replaced the piston, solenoid, 3-port wire, air tank, controller, battery, and brain with replacement, reseted the brain, even ran other team’s code on our robot, and the issue still sticked with our robot. Anybody knows how to solve the issue? Thank you.

Is vexos fully up to date ? does it match the version in the other teams V5 brain ? Have you tried another 3wire solenoid cable (the cable between the solenoid and the 3wire port) ?


The brain is up to date and we’ve used another brain to test it. We have also tried a new 3wire solenoid cable. The issue still remains on our robot.

When the brain is on, code is not running, and the solenoid is connected to the brain, the piston is on. When we disconnect the solenoid with the brain, the piston turns off. Connected again, the piston turns on again.

Thanks for the reply.

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