single acting pneumatics programming issues

I have been trying to program some single acting pneumatics and I haven’t been able to get it to work I have tried some of the sample codes on the forums already and was thinking maybe I was using the wrong blocks(I’m using easy C V4) For what I’m doing I can do it on any of the slots and on a joystick so if at all possible a sample of it done just for the single acting would be nice or at least some quick help on which blocks to use to set the variable (which is where I think my problem is.

Can you post a copy of your code?

Have you double checked that your pneumatics are plumbed and pressurized correctly? You can test it by pushing the orange button on the solenoid to activate it.


I was able to figure it out looking at it more and realized I used the wrong block with some help from a friend and it’s working now but Thank you for your time.