Single Acting Solenoid Leaking

Whenever our single acting solenoids are de-activated and the PSI is over 80, our solenoid valves leak air. Is this a Vex feature or is there something we should fix in our system?

“Leaking” is not a feature of solenoids. Some of the more common sources of leaks are fittings not tightened properly, or the plastic tubing not cut cleanly and perfectly square.

Single acting solenoids, of course, do exhaust the air from the air-cylinder-side of the circuit when de-energized…but I don’t think that is what you’re describing.


Okay, I will try changing out tubing and double-check fittings, I was just concerned because the leaks only occur when the pressure exceeds 80 psi.

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Also if the tubing simply isnt placed far enough in the valve. One time I accidentally did that.

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