Single button actions on controller

This was our submission for the FUTURE award design challenge:

And this is a video about it’s internal workings: [

I don’t know if you can see the connection, but there is a male to male PWM wire going from one cortex to another. I configured the sensor port on one cortex as a digital output, and the sensor port on the other cortex as a digital input, and used the PWM connection to send data to the other cortex.](

Robodesigner, I use switch case statements because they are easier to find when I need to quickly debug, because the variable is easy to see. Also, if you have a non-boolean flag (say, an int to represent multiple states) using switch statements is conceptually easier. In addition, using a switch statement is standard procedure for creating finite state machines, which is what operator auto is.

Ah… ok. :slight_smile:

Question: what is a finite state machine? :o

A good explanation.