Single Flywheel intake

I am building a robot that will have a single flywheel primarily for field. I have a 1 motor 5:1 rubber band intake at the back. I have 1 motor to take the balls from the accumlator to the flywheel. What do you think is the best way to feed the flywheel very quickly?

It honestly depends on the location of all of your different components exactly but a chain running up the center is generally a good way to do it with only one motor. Your probably not gonna want to put flaps on it because it is feeding your flywheel. This would be placed over a ramp that could be just a c channel with some railings and 2 strips of foam pad to center the ball on the way up. At the top of this your going to want to put a plate or something that is used to compress the ball.

So just a conveyor belt? What gear ratio do you think will be fast enough without stalling?

Assuming your talking about the flywheel ratio, we have used a 25:1 with a single wheel, but I would get some other opinions too

No I mean the conveyor.

Just a turbo works, but a 3:1 can work too.

I’m using a 3-1 and it works much better than my previous 1.6-1 for my field bot intake.

What is the max fire rate that the 3:1 intake can feed. Or should I not worry about reaching that?

I have gotten about 4 balls in a second with minimal tuning, you just have to get the right compression so it doesn’t burn it out while it doesn’t lose traction on the balls. I had to turn mine down to about 1.2 seconds for 4 balls due to my launcher recovery