Single Flywheel - Only Shoots Straight

Our team switched from a double flywheel to a single Flywheel on our robot. It shoots with good velocity and should work really well. The ball does a nice straight shot across the field, easily making it to the net. The only problem is that it only shoots a line drive perpendicular with the floor, we need to angle that up higher to get to the high goal.

We’ve tried several things to angle the shot upwards so that it would hit the high goal, but nothing has worked.

First, as a quick and dirty test we propped up the front of the robot, which tilted it upwards. The ball still went perpendicular to the floor. Eventually the angle was too much and the ball didn’t go anwhere.

Next, we put a small ramp in front of the single flywheel, with the thought that the ball would hit the incline and shoot farther up. But the ball has a an extreme backspin and which caught on the ramp and it didn’t go very far.

We have compression between a sheet of metal and the single flywheel for the green ball to pass through. We haven’t had much luck moving that around to find a place that shoots the ball upwards toward the net.

Does anyone see a flaw in what we’ve done or know of anything else to try? We’re at a loss. We appreciate any ideas.

I think what you need to do is change the angle of the “hood of the flywheel” it needs to be positioned somewhere on the wheel, so that if you drew a tangent line to the shooter wheel, and the point where the ball would be in contact with the wheel and the hood a the same time, the tangent line at that point should be the angle you want to shoot at

You probably need to change the angle of where the balls makes and loses contact with the wheel, but it’s odd if you’ve tried that with no change. It would be easier to help if you could post a picture.

pictures please

The angle of the hood is likely the problem. The ball will be released at an angle somewhere between the tangent of the wheel at the end of the hood and the angle of the hood. If your hood extends to the middle of the wheel, so a line between the hood and the wheel axle is perpendicular to the floor, it needs to stop earlier, and that should solve your problem. If it doesn’t, then the angle of the hood also needs to be adjusted.

Thanks! We will look at adjusting the hood over the wheel.

Unfortunately we’re on a break for a holiday, and I won’t be able to get pictures of the robot.