Single Flywheel or Hybrid

Okay so here is what is going on with team 4221c. We have a single flywheel that uses a PID and we can shoot around a second per ball which we can shoot 24 preloads in around 25 seconds. However we are pretty much done with a puncher that uses 2 motors that shoot preloads in around 22 seconds. However since our robot is so light our robot jumps alot whenever we use the LP. So the question i am asking here is this. If i use a puncher we cut time around 3-4 seconds but our accuracy goes down, but if we only use our Single flywheel, we shoot in around 25-26 seconds, but we make around 22 preloads out of the 24. So what do u think is a better option for our robot.

Also if we dont use the LP, we have 2 motors left or we can use pneumatics. So is there a way to make a 50 point lift?

I would say take off the puncher. Accuracy is better than speed, especially if there is only a 4 second difference. Plus you can put the extra motors on your base or lift.

I agree since your jumping around that can mess up your angle when you shoot your lp and those 2 extra motors will be very useful like how cameron said to put the motors on your base that will make you faster while fielding which is a good trade off.

I would recommend getting rid of the puncher and adding the motors to your base to make it as fast as possible.

One of the greatest flaws with a hybrid is the fact that two motors are wasted after the preloads. Our team remedied this issue by creating a PTO between our flywheel and lp. This is one possible solution to the issue. However, a PTO is very time consuming to build. Additionally, assuming a well tuned 100% accurate lp, that’s 2 motors for 150 points (assuming you score autonomous and win autonomous). At 75 points per motor, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure that if you do a hybrid, the lp must be incredibly accurate/ well tuned.

What is a PTO?

Power take off, so you use the same motors to run the flywheel as to run the puncher.

Oh, I thought it was Pneumatic Transfer or something like that

In some cases it does but it’s a very broad term. It’s not ours

Just means any power supply that runs to a secondary output. The double ratcheting system people discussed would be a PTO as would pneumatic shifting of gears. Actually even using a rubber band around a gear to release when spun would be a PTO mechanism as would most intake release mechanisms in the past.

So any transmission could be called a PTO?


Well not a 2 speed. But any PTO transmission would be a PTO.

A car transmission is not a PTO because the power continues to go to the same place, but with a different gear ratio. Most Vex transmissions are PTOs because we rarely need to go from a high gear ratio to a low gear ratio on the same system.

Ok, that clears things up

If I were you I would play it simple and not use the LP. 1 ball per second in the back square is fine especially at worlds. All field balls will be cleared pretty fast. I would use the extra two motors for a lift. Adding a lift will increase the cap score for your robot making more desirable in match play.