Single flywheel

for a single flywheel with 4 motors,is there less friction when placing motors on one side?

I don’t think it really makes a difference on where you have your motors. Honestly, I think that the less axles you have, the less friction because there are less bearings axles have to go through.

I honestly dont know how you would place them all on one side just go for two on each and just like @14X US said less axles is a good thing


Our current robot design has all of our 4 flywheel motors on 1 side, and it functions just fine. To be fair though, almost our entire design bases itself on the fact that all of the motors are on 1 side.

Answering the first question, theoretically, all of the motors on one side should have less friction, as there will tend to be fewer shafts, although that depends on how you do your compounding in the gearbox.