Single Flywheel

I have built a Single flywheel with 2100 RPM and 4 in wheels but it is only able to make bar shots at max power. Is my compression to high. Please help if you can.

Yes I think you have too much compression. For a fly wheel like this you should have very little.

Also to shoot from half court should I increase the gearing to 1/35 instead of 1/21

No 1/21 is more than enough for half court if you make your compression the correct amount

How many motors do you have on your flywheel?

6 torque motors

Wow. You can shoot way more than just bar-half field.

You could put your ratio at 1/35, fix your compression and down the angle a bit, then you could shoot full, half, and bar shots.

What I would recommend if you only want to do bar-half field is a 6-8 motor drive and a 2-4 motor flywheel

should the intake be vertical or be at the angle of the launcher.

That is a preferance thing. Mine was vertical but my sister teams was at the angle of the launcher, they both worked well

Hopefully the last thing, but what angle should i have the hood at.

Again, this is a preference thing. Test the one you have it setup to right now and if it’s too high lower it etc

This is on 4" wheels, so your gear ratio is nowhere near high enough to shoot further than from just a foot away. For reference, a 35:1 on 4" wheels is the same as a 28:1 on 5" wheels, which is plenty to full court (as shown by the old 8059A robot). If you just want to shoot from mid, a 28:1 should be good.

My robot has 1:21 gear ratio (4 inch wheel) and has very LITTLE compression with the ball and can easily shoot over the high net at full court with half speed (using 4 torque motors). After the compression change I would recommend some power distribution. 6 motors for me is too many but have 3 on a power expander and three on the cortex and trust me that helps a lot.

I’d actually split the motors up so that you have 4 on the cortex and two on the power expander. 2 motors on ports 1-5, two motors on ports 6-10, and two motors on your power expander so that you won’t trip the circuits.

Really? That’s interesting. As far as I know, 25:1 is the minimum gear ratio to shoot full court consistently with 5" wheels.

Are your motors high speed? We had 33.6:1 gear ratio on a 4ish inch “wheels” which worked fine at 33.6:1. 33.6:1 is high speed motors on a 21:1 ratio.

I reworked the Intake to make it angled and it is now at 65 degrees and it can shoot just under half court at max power. Is the compression to low now?

It is 6 torque motors geared 21/1 on 4 in wheels.

I don’t have a lot of experience with flywheels but it looks good to me(maybe a little too much compression). One thing that I would do is get rid of the flaps on the intake, because they could cause some consistency issues. Also, 6 motors is a lot for a field bot flywheel but I am excited to see the fire rate.

To me it looks like that should work fine. The only thing I am skeptical about is the amount of time the ball is in contact with the flywheel. In your picture it shows it has little contact time with the flywheel but I don’t think that would be to big of an issue. Could you possible upload a close up video of it shooting? Also a pic of the gearing?

Yes. Please upload a video of it shooting at max power. It will greatly help diagnose the problem because we can see things like angle of departure and max height.

Just a tip I found helpful, don’t have the ball transfer mechanism running and touching the ball while the flywheel is also running and touching the ball. When the ball starts moving through the flywheel, the flywheel should pull it in and through, and the ball transfer shouldn’t be touching the ball at any point.