Single Flywheel

@Mystical Pie My teams robot has the same intake/ “ball transfer design” as Omar and it works perfectly fine so I don’t think that would be it.

LOL Yea, that’s too much compression, try lowering the compression. But if you wan’t to make far field shots, compression might be key. If you add more wheels for more momentum, and add 2-4 more motors, you could, in fact, have a full field and close range vertical flywheel.

LOL Why? He has six motors. I’ve seen 4bps bar shots with 3 motors. I think he will be fine.

Oh he does xD Lol nevermind, I would say that the compression is the problem then xD

I’ve kinda wanted to make a 12 motor flywheel and see what the bps is, but you’re right I think that compression and possibly friction is the problem. I notice that in the picture the wheel is not the same height as the bottom plate of the intake so the ball has to travel up then forwards.

Yesterday I decided that i would raise up the gearing to 1/35 and raised the compression but it still does not have a hood( once attached i will send a picture). but it seems to work pretty well.

Ok. You should have a bar on top that can move by motor that can allow you to switch between bar shots and sniping. like to aim the ball more towards front when sniping, and to aim it a tad bit more up when during bar shots.

Should I invest the last motor to do that or for a front intake.

I think the front intake is more important than being able to make bar shots.

The Flywheel is already at a 60 degree angle so it is able to make bar shots

Then definitely the intake.