Single Flywheels

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a single flywheel and I was wondering how far do your single flywheels go at full speed. I’m trying to compare this to my own. Please include your gear ratio and wheel size in your post.

Two five-inch wheels, 21.4:1. shoots into the high goal from about half field on full power. It’s meant for field scoring.

Two 5" wheels, 1:35 @ 50 degrees. Shoots full court at about 55% power with 6 motors. Try 4 motors first because 6 is really inefficient on motors despite mine being super efficient on batteries.

may I ask what your fire rate and accuracy is

If we get the speed and timing right, about 90% accuracy with 2 bps. The rest is just compression issues and code to speed it up. This flywheel is being modified only slightly because it works pretty well aside from the from the rest of the robot.

Two 5" wheels with a four motor 1:15 ratio (1:36), I use turbo motors. I don’t know how far it goes at full power. (I don’t have enough space) however, it does shoot full court at about 55 power (50 to 65 depending on battery level) It shoots at about maximum 2 balls per second, (depending on ball densities) with 90% accuracy. (finally :P) I don’t yet know what the on field shooting speed is.

ok thx , really impressive

One 5in with friction pad 25:1 ratio 2 speed motor on each side, across the field or a bit farther

2 - 4 inch wheels. Geared 1:21. It can make high goals from 2 feet from the bar.

You guys must have some weird compression, ours can shoot half field with 21-1 and some have shot farther with the same ratio

We use smaller wheels than you @ThunderRobotics . At the most recent competition, the flywheel was not shooting as far, so we reduced compression and it shoots much farther and at a faster rate. Also are angle is pretty high.

In your post you said 5 in wheels… Our angle is probably higher also

I meant 4 inch. oops.

Nice that you’re able to get full court with 2 motors, does it shoot very fast though? How well does the friction pad work? I afraid if I use some it will tear apart.

I just noticed there’s a very large number of threads called “Single Flywheels” or variations of.

Just to clarify it is two motors on each side for a total of 4 so I probably didnt state that correctly. I am actually not a large fan of the friction pad because we have had it rip during matches before and get stuck and disable our flywheel

did u say that your launcher has high speed motors and an external ratio of 1:25?

Has anyone been able to use velocity control, have a good firing rate, and high accuracy percentage with between a 1:25 and 1:28 gear ratio with a single flywheel? I have a 49:3 gear ratio with high speed motors, resulting in a 1:26.13 and it only shoots around 5 feet. I appreciate any advice.

Do you guys think that 4" wheels running at 1:15 6 torque motors would be fine for fielding

I would raise the ratio a bit if you are using torque motors, otherwise it should be fine.

Do you think if I raised it to 1:25 it would work.