Single Linear Lift


I was wondering if anyone had the schematics or designs for building a single stage linear lift.

So it starts off inside of your robot at 18" and extends out.

Or, would it just be better to have a arm on a motor swinging out from inside the robot?


That depends on what you’re aiming to accomplish!

Is this a for a hang off the bar? Or a launcher? I wasn’t able to tell from your wording.

There are already a few really good threads about both topics, but as a brief summary, I would recommend checking out the reverse double 4 bar, scissor lift, or rack-and-pinion lift as a start. Unfortunately I can’t provide much more than the names because these mechanisms aren’t my specialty, but I’m sure a quick search will provide you all of the details and a lot of examples of each :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response, it is for hanging on the bar. Thanks for the helo.

I wouldn’t recommend going for a linear lift to hang this year since the bar is placed in the corner. You might want something that extends out of the robot.

Here is a linear elevator lift we used during skyrise on one of our robots. This is just our reveal video…but it may help you visual it.

I would go with a 4 bar or six bar to do a lift, not something linear.

The pole is only 30 inches so linear should work fine. 929y seems to have made a pretty effective onelink text. I think linear lifts will be extremely viable for teams that have already used most of their motors.

It is pretty easy to do, you have to space it pretty tight but after a little bit of tweaking it should work with ease… You can’t really have it go directly up and down unless you have it in the corner of your robot… We had it on the “perfect” angle so both corners 17.5" apart would hit the wall and the hook would be in the middle of the hole. It basically just comes down to tweaking. Good luck!


Jpearman has great documentation of his triple lift for skyrise. I believe this could easily be modified into a single or double stage lift.

Here is the link