Single Motor Claws

There doesn’t seem to have been much discussion regarding single motor claws. I’m curious to see what people have come up with.
The only 2 single motor claws I know of are 6210X’s claw, and the claw I built:

While 2 motor claws are more effective over all, (we have since switched back to the 2 motor design) it seems 1 motor claws are quite viable, the claw in the first video was capable of holding 3 stars without motor power.
Mainly, what would you use that extra motor for if you had it? More lift power perhaps?

It was a really good idea to change to the 2 motor idea because it’s more of an endurance thing than a strength thing. But, I would use the extra motor for my high hang.

Thats true with some designs, but the claw I built in the video above never stalled or slowed down, specifically because it required very low power to hold objects.

Yeah, our claw wasn’t that good because of the way our claw arms were made.