Single or Double Gearbox?

I have a 1:25 single flywheel. I was just wondering, is there any benefits to converting my flywheel into one gearbox instead of two in each side with two motors each? Would my recovery time improve?

I think that 2 is better than one since the force is being applied to both sides of the flywheel axle and not just one, but a possible drawback is increased friction from an increased number of axles and bearings.

My team uses one gearbox and I would recommend it. With just one you cut your friction way down and in general decrease the chance for something to get bent, stuck, rubbed, or just go wrong in general.

I have a 25:1 gear ratio and I was wondering if I changed to a single gearbox with 6 motors would that have a better recovery time than 3 motors on each side

By having a single gearbox, you get rid of half the friction on your flywheel, but I believe you will not get a better recovery time. However, by having less friction you could theoretically increase your recovery time by a bit. Your motor placement should not matter. However, don’t take my word for what I just said, I would recommend you check with someone. I am in the process of making a single gearbox for our flywheel instead of two, so after I finish I will let you know how my results and performance of my flywheel changed.