Single Roller vs Double Roller, Chain linkage issues

Aloha All!

So our team currently has double roller intakes (two-sprockets chained together with flaps), but we are encountering issues with the chains coming apart which renders the robot useless. We are thinking of switching to just using a single sprocket with flaps on each side. What are the pros and cons of each set up? If we stick with our current setup, how can we prevent the chain from breaking apart?

Thank you!

earlier on I was using single sprocket rollers, and they worked alright, the traction was the hardest part, since there’s less flaps contacting the cube at any moment. your chain should be snapping, check for bent or weak links, and make sure the chain is tight, but not too tight. it should have a bit of slack, but not enough slack to skip.

Well… with 2 sprockets it has more grip for pushing cubes up the tray and the 2 sprockets help the cubes align with the tray so it doesn’t get stuck in the intaking area. so i’d highly advise against 1 sprocket.

it seems like your intake chains are too tight. the chain should have a little bit of slack

The chain should not be coming apart. Most likely you have too much tension on the chain, you need to leave some slack when using chain.

The pros of a double roller intake, is that you have more grip on the cubes, since there are more flaps contacting the cubes. The only con I can think of, is that they take up much more space than single sprocket rollers.

The pros of a single roller intake is that it takes up less space, and is easier to maintain. The cons are that it would not have as much grip on the cubes as a double roller intake, as stated above.