Single servo steering mechanism designs???

I’ve been struggling to find a single servo steering mechanism to be mounted at the back of a robot. Something like a motorized caster. I could probably just use a caster, but I wanna know if any of you have found a good way to do this. I’m looking for light and robust- it’s for a high speed 'bot, not a ‘useful’ bot. Just to see how fast I could get it to go ;).

Anyways, any good ideas? I only have the starter pack so I’m somewhat limited, but any idea is open.

Here is something you might find interesting, Single servo steering.

Here’s one I did a while back, but it requires the omni wheel.

I like that second one. I actually came up with something that will do, unfortunately I’m just barely underpowered to get the thing to move and accellerate on it’s own. I’ve got 3 motors driving the same axle and the gear ratio is Still too high. I need another motor!

I don’t have a picture but I made a tricycle using servo for front steering. the two rear wheels were on separate axles and only on wheel was powered, the other was free-moving. it worked very well. the design i used was short which made it difficult to turn at high speend, but if it were simply lengthened it would have wokred much better.

Similar to what the second robot in this thread is, a friend and I at one point set off to build a robot with rack and pinion steering.(it’s what cars use to steer) We were eventually succesful although it was very fragile and hard to actually use effectivly.

Check this one out. Some parts are exaggerated so they can be seen clearly.

Why not just buy the Vex swerve drive kit?Dont make this any harder than it has to be.

Here are two links the part itself and the swerve kit in action.
Its the first video

“Why not just buy the Vex swerve drive kit?Dont make this any harder than it has to be.”

True. Sometimes it is more fun to make your own stuff.

yes, but I tried to make a small steering system and came up empty. I wish I had the swerve kit.

All I did was to follow the directions for a steering linkage from a RC car I had. It seems to work fine. however it does not have the turning radius of the swerv drive or four wheel steering.:slight_smile: