Single Stars & Cubes

As a service to the VEX community, Robot Mesh is now offering single Starstruck Stars and Starstruck Cubes for $14.95 each.

We also sell aluminum structure in 2-packs, and pneumatics parts separately:

1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel 2-pack
1x5x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel 2-pack
1x3x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel 2-pack
1x5x1x25 Aluminum C-Channel 2-pack
2x2x35 Aluminum Angle 2-pack

Pneumatics parts

As always, shipping to the United States is free on orders over $50.


Thank you so much! I know some of our stars keep breaking even with the hot glue, so it’s good to know we can buy more :slight_smile:

@Bobtheblob - 5327B
We use this, put a 1/16" line around the edge and hold for 30 secs holds great, we broke the star again but in a new part. Hope it helps
Home Depot Link

Buying metal in bulk is more expensive though :cry: that’s what we need too but we don’t want to have to use up all of our money to buy parts :frowning:

And we need the stars and cubes; along with some piston that aren’t bent :stuck_out_tongue:

$15 for a star seems steep

They are normally $10 each from VEX, so not that much more…